The Importance of Trust & (French Fries)

January 2024 Newsletter

With adding a new employee last year, we’ve been finalizing her workspace, including a keyword, “TRUST” hanging above her computer. If you’ve visited post-remodel, you’ll recognize our other existing values:  Protect & Support & Serve & Community. Trust easily became the
missing piece.

Trust is a two-way street, built through consistent behavior, strengthened over time, never automatic, nor taken for granted. At home, Gayle & I have three extra house guests (our dogs), that illustrate the interplay of trust, love, and loyalty. Our dedication to them results in excitement, unbridled enthusiasm, and joy upon reunions – perhaps fueled by the occasional leftover French fry.

Lately, as the insurance industry experiences the same turmoil as many other industries, we are still striving to be consistent, dependable, honest, fair & flexible–which sometimes requires us to deliver bad news, in good faith. Our hope for 2024 and for many years to come is that you TRUST us and know we feel a tremendous responsibility to hold to that trust. Your loyalty humbles us, and while we may not offer leftover French fries, we’re sincerely doing our best.

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