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Working AT Home

More people are running their businesses from their homes than ever before. Maybe a hobby has turned into something a little bit more with services you provide or goods you are selling; maybe you are taking advantage of seasonal weather with lawncare, snow removal, or even Christmas light installation; or maybe you’re one of America’s entrepreneurs-in-sweatpants, and you’re on the cutting edge of both crafty and cozy.

What you may not have is coverage. Many people assume that their business is covered under their homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t true.

Don’t sweat it, though, as we’ve got the tips to make sure you’re safe and secure from the comfort of your own laptop:

  • Legally Protected — All businesses need liability coverage. General Liability can protect you from lawsuits related to your business. Your homeowners may not cover this kind of legal expense, so make sure you’ve got it.

  • Business Gear — The equipment you use for your business has only limited coverage on your homeowners policy. Check to see if you exceed this limit and get additional coverage.

  • Virtually Covered — If you instruct through online meetings, you may not have coverage if something happens on the other end. Check out additional coverage for this risk.

  • Online Exposure — If you use the internet for your business, you could be at risk for cyber attacks. Get Cyber Liability to get back up and running if you get hacked.

Being proactive could help prevent your business from a loss. Look up what you have - and what you don’t - so you can be comfy and confident for 2022.

If you are questioning the kind and amount of coverage that you have, don't hesitate to reach out---coverage for small businesses can be incredibly inexpensive and will provide peace of mind that if something happens, you are well protected.

You can reach us at 417-258-2541 or

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