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Severe Storm Readiness

With spring in full bloom, it's time to review some helpful tips in preparation for seasonal storms. These steps may be more important than ever, with the 2022 tornado season forecast to be even busier than last year’s volatile season.

Take a look at our seven storm prep tips below, and remember to stay WEATHER AWARE!

  1. Opt-in to local weather notifications. Smartphones and technology have made it easier than ever to stay ahead of severe weather. Even with your phone on silent or “do not disturb,” weather alerts will still push through, all the more critical if bad weather happens overnight. If you have elderly family members or neighbors, check to see they’ve opted into notifications as well.

  2. Designate a weather watcher. When storms or tornadoes are in the forecast, designate one family member to keep a close eye on the radar. In the overnight hours, it’s wisest to choose a light sleeper.

  3. Know where you will go. If your phone or weather watcher alerts you to an on-the-ground tornado in your area, you may have just minutes to get to your safe place. Long before then, make sure everyone who lives in your home knows where that is.

  4. Prepare your pantry. There’s no need to store up food for months, but having a few packaged, non-perishable meals is a smart idea. Tuck them in the back of your pantry, along with several gallons of water. You’ll know it’s there if you lose power and need to feed your family.

  5. Hire an arborist or tree service sooner rather than later. If you have trees in your yard (especially larger ones), it may be a good idea to have an arborist or tree service look at them to determine their health. Unhealthy trees or trees with diseased or damaged limbs can cause significant damage during a storm.

  6. Purchase and/or maintain your tools and materials. After bad weather moves through, a chainsaw, axes, gloves, wheelbarrows, and tarps will be critical to helping your family and neighbors dig out from any downed trees and limbs.

  7. Take a class or read up. If you want to be ready to assist more in the aftermath of a storm, look into taking a first aid and/or CPR class when you have a day or two off from work. You can also find additional tips for preparing your home, family, and property at

As always, feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance in the coming months.

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