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October: Fire Safety Month

The reality is this: no one ever thinks a house fire will happen to them. But if it does, you often have just minutes to get your family to safety. That’s why it’s so important to take precautions now—especially if you have children or an older person living in your home.

With that in mind, and since October is National Fire Safety Month, we thought it made sense to share some insightful statistics and guidelines that speak to the importance of house fire preparation and prevention:

  • Cooking safety is the 2023 theme for this year's NFPA Fire Safety Week, and for good reason. Cooking was the leading cause of 192,700 home fires in 2018. Take precautions when cooking (especially frying) by wearing short, rolled-up, or fitted sleeves—and never leave the kitchen when food is on the stove.

  • The chance of surviving a home fire almost doubles with the use of a smoke alarm. Test your alarms every month, and if you or someone you love is hard of hearing, consider a strobe alarm or one that shakes the bed when activated.

  • Smoking is the #1 cause of fires that kill older adults. Sadly, it’s entirely preventable. Never smoke in bed or with an oxygen tank nearby. Instead, smoke outside to eliminate the risk of fire completely.

  • According to, 75% of U.S. homes don’t have a fire escape plan they practice. A simple diagram of your home with nearby exits and a designated outdoor meeting place are the two most important aspects. If you have a two-story home, invest in fire safety ladders for upstairs bedrooms and show older children how and when to use them.

  • Dryers cause nearly 3,000 home fires each year. And while cleaning out the lint trap with each load is a good start, it’s not enough. Over time, lint builds up in the vent and can cause fires. Have your dryer professionally cleaned every two years to reduce fire risks.

Are you looking for some great family resources regarding fire safety? Check out the valuable articles, activities and other items available at

We’ve seen the devastation a house fire can cause, and we certainly don’t want it to happen to you. And while you can’t completely prevent a fire from happening, taking these precautions can help.

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