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Mi casa es su casa

Come on over is an invitation we casually pass out for holidays, transitions, or just general fellowship as we gather to congratulate, to celebrate, to comfort, or to consult. Gayle & I have always loved being THE house. We were the house where our children brought their friends, we are the house where our extended families & extended friends gather together, and most recently our house has become one giant playground for our five grandchildren.

A house can serve many purposes, but originally it was simply designed to protect its occupants from any number of dangers. We consider that to be our role in your world, to protect your most valued items--your house, your vehicles, your business, your health, and even your life. But a house is just a structure, it's the HOME that makes you always want to come back. Our home is your home because you are and always have been considered part of our agency's extended family. So we hope you'll come on over as our home is open to you to check out & see our new surroundings.

And remember, our home is as it has always been, ready & willing to support & serve you whatever may come.

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