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Hear a BEEP? Get on your FEET!

We've all heard that annoying chirp that seems to come in the dead of night when the last thing you want to do is roam aimlessly around your house in search of the source. Or even worse, when you have to find the ladder in the hopes of stopping the chirp so you can simply sleep??

We know these sounds can be a frustrating sleep disruption, but the truth is they are critical in keeping you safe. This year NFPA is focusing on the sounds of fire safety and educating all households about the importance of paying attention to those various alarm sounds in your home.

Check out the below infographic from the National Fire Protection Association for a few tips on when that noise means you need to GET OUT, or if it's a situation when your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm simply needs a little routine maintenance. For more fire safety tips & educational resources, check out &

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