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Don't just DIVE in!

Memorial Day is less than a week away which means that residential & neighborhood pools along with local waterparks will begin operating at full capacity very soon. Many pool safety tips may seem common sense but distractions can and do turn deadly when precautions aren't put in place. This is a great time of year to review those safety tips with your children and even for yourself.

One tip that cannot be stated enough is to NEVER leave a child unattended in the pool or water for any amount of time, for any reason. Distraction is one of the leading causes of accidental drowning, so it's critical that you have at least one adult designated as the "child watcher" for the duration of any time in the pool.

Want more common sense tips? Our company partner, West Bend, is dedicated to keeping our families safe which is why they have put together this great list of Swimming Pool Safety tips. Check these out, and make changes if necessary---it could easily save a life. Swimming Pool Safety

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