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SAFELY On the Road Again

The last days of school are here, which means that many of us...maybe MOST of us, will be hitting the road for a destination near or far from home to enjoy a little summer vacation! Maybe you're heading to your favorite camping spot on Table Rock, Stockton, or Bull Shoals lake, or maybe you're heading to the white sands of the Gulf Coast, or maybe you're taking a long family road trip to cross a few more states of your bucket list!

Regardless of where you're's easy to forget some of the details as you pack up for vacation, especially if you're packing up for a 14-15 hour road trip with two small children---hypothetically speaking of course. ;) As I pack for a weekend away or a week long family vacation, I try to remember what my mom always taught me: make a list, pack what you need...but you can buy ALMOST anything (glasses, contacts, and prescription drugs would definitely be a little more difficult to find) at your destination, so don't let packing take the fun out of your vacation.

While it's easy to pack everything but the kitchen sink and feel completely prepared, sometimes its those intangible things that need to be top of mind to help you have the best vacation possible!

  1. Watch out for digital thieves. If you use public wi-fi, only visit secure sites (addresses starting with “https”), and log out of accounts after each session.

  2. Lock up your devices. Make sure your smartphone, computer and tablet all require secure passwords for access. Otherwise, a thief who makes off with your electronics could also make off with your personal information. Leaving devices behind at the hotel? Store them in your hotel room safe.

  3. Always have some cash. There are situations where cash is just better than credit. Credit cards are best when you know the location is secure, such as at an airport or chain store, or when you want the purchase protection your card offers for a big-ticket item.

  4. Consider social media. It's so tempting to document every moment of your vacation on Facebook or Instagram or SnapChat---but this can easily alert thieves to the fact that no one is monitoring your house. You might just want to wait until you get home to flood everyone's news-feeds with amazing pictures from your vacation!

  5. And finally, along the same lines...think about home. Don’t let burglars ruin your return from vacation. Stop your mail and newspaper delivery, put some lights on timers and make your home look occupied. Just in case someone does get in, keep your documents and valuables in a secure area.

Wherever your travels take you, at Smart Insurance we want you to make sure you take steps to ensure that you don't have any hiccups when it comes to finances or just overall safety!

Remember, travel is supposed to be fun! Taking just a few common sense precautions will help make sure you’re free to wander without worry.

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