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How do I pay my bill? 

You may pay your insurance premium in a variety of ways including visiting our office, calling and paying by phone, or mailing in your premium.  Many of our companies also provide online or automatic payment options, please contact our office if you need assistance. 



How do I file an insurance claim?

Insurance claims will be handled by each individual insurance company after being reported.  However, we are more than happy to assist you in the reporting process so please do not hesitate to call our office at 417-258-2541 if you would like to start the claim process with us.  Each company handles the claim process just a little bit differently and we would love to help walk you through this process. 



What if I need to make a payment or file a claim after hours? 

Please see your insurance policy or insurance card for company specific phone numbers.  There should be representatives able to assist you at almost any time. 



How can I get a copy of my insurance card/policy document/certificate of insurance?

Please call our office and we can provide you with a new copy of your insurance coverages.  Several of our carriers also provide the ability to print insurance ID cards from their online system.  Please see your insurance policy to see if this is possible for you. 





What insurance is required by law?

Missouri motor vehicle owners are required to show proof of insurance when registering a vehicle and renewing their license plates. Liability insurance covers your legal liability when injuries or property damage happen as a result of your actions.


While liability insurance is all that is required by law, for vehicles with a loss payee, physical damage coverage will be required at limits set by each lender. 



What is the difference between collision physical damage coverage and comprehensive physical damage coverage?

Collision is defined as losses you incur when your car collides into another car or object. For example, if you hit a car in a parking lot, the damages to your car will be paid under your collision coverage.


Comprehensive provides coverage for mostly other direct physical damage losses you could incur, including theft. For example, damage to your car from a hailstorm will be covered under your comprehensive coverage.


What factors can affect the cost of my car insurance?

A number of factors can affect the cost of your car insurance in Missouri -- some of which you can control and some that are beyond your control.


The type of car you drive, the purpose the car serves, your driving record, your age, your marital status, and where the car is garaged can all affect how much your car insurance will cost you.






What is the difference between "actual cash value" and "replacement cost"?

Covered losses under a homeowners policy can be paid on either an actual cash value basis or on a replacement cost basis. When "actual cash value" is used, the policy owner is entitled to the depreciated value of the damaged property. Under the "replacement cost" coverage, the policy owner is reimbursed on an amount necessary to replace the article with one of similar type and quality at current prices.  



What are some practical things I can do to lower the cost of my home insurance?

There are a number of things you can do to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance. The easiest thing to do is request a comprehensive review of your policy and your needs.


It’s not surprising to find quotes on homeowners insurance that vary by hundreds of dollars for the same coverage on the same home. When you shop, be careful to make sure each insurer is offering the same coverage.


Another way to lower the cost of your home insurance is to look for any discounts that you may qualify for. For example, many insurers will offer a discount when you place both your car and homeowners insurance with them. Other times, insurers offer discounts if there are deadbolt exterior locks on all your doors, or if your home has a security system. Be sure to ask about any discounts that you may qualify for.


Another easy way to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance is to raise your deductible. Increasing your deductible from $250 to $500 will lower your premium, sometimes by as much as five or ten percent. 



Why would I want to buy renters insurance?  

If you live in an apartment or a rented house, renters insurance provides important coverage for you and your possessions.  A standard renters insurance policy protects your personal property in many cases of theft or damage, and may pay for temporary living expenses if your rental is damaged. It can also shield you from personal liability. Anyone who leases a house or apartment should consider this type of coverage.  

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